Hello World!

Welcome to PlantFever!

For months (and maybe actually for the past couple of years, at a lower intensity), a few of us started growing plants from seeds, reading up on how to care for them, and really just getting sucked into plant life. The ‘fever’ really started when we began challenging one another to grow things from citrus and avocado seeds, encouraging each other to accumulate more plants, and troubleshooting common issues like fungus gnats.

From this experience, we learned that PlantFever is contagious, and in short, we are very excited to share our growing love for plants with the rest of the world!

In the next few weeks, we’ll likely be making a lot of changes to this site, so please bear with us. Some things to look forward to in the short term include introductions to the plants we have (and continue to accumulate), a post about a private workshop we’re hosting, and a mini bio about the crazy people behind PlantFever.

In the meantime, please check out our photos and musings on instagram (@plantfever)!

Hello World!
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